Lower & Upper Wolfjaw and Armstrong
Lower Wolfjaw: 4,175', 30th Highest Elevation Gain; Upper Wolfjaw: 4,185', 29th; Armstrong: 4,400', 22nd
July 28, 2003
Armstrong from Upper Wolfjaw
Armstrong from Upper Wolfjaw Trail

I took the West River Trail from the Ausable Club in St. Huberts, and the Wedge Brook Trail to Lower Wolfjaw's summit (4,175'), and then hiked over to the sumits of Upper Wolfjaw (4,185), and Armstrong (4,400), returning via the Beaver Meadows Trail, and the Lake Road, a distance of about 12.5 miles. It was a windy, overcast day for the most part, and the views from these summits, while lovely, are not as nice as, say, the 360 degree views from Gothics and Noonmark. The trails connecting the Wolfjaw and Armstrong summits bottom out at  a relatively high elevation, making the three peak hike easier than it sounds. Wedge Brook Trail passes through a lovely, fairly level stretch, featuring fern carpeted glades and enormous glacial erratics. The trail up the north side of Armstrong from Upper Wolfjaw starts with a long ladder, and proved to be the most strenuous of the day.  From Otter Chalet and Deep Woods Cabin, take Springfield Rd. south to Jay, 9N south into Keene, and 73 southeast through Keene Valley and St. Huberts. Hiker parking is off the second intersection marked "Ausable Club" as you're driving south on 73 towards the Northway. You have to walk about 1/2 mile from your car to the Lake Road sign-in point.

Is this Lower Wolf Jaw's Summit? West River Trail bridge
The Summits of all 3 Mountains are unmarked, e.g., Lower Wolfjaw.     Bridge across the Ausable from West River Trail.
Fungi adorns long-fallen, moss-covered tree Glacial erratics on Wedge Brook Trail Moss-covered wall on Upper Wolfjaw trail
Wedge Brook trail photos, left & center            Upper wolfjaw trail up photo on right
Mini falls on Wedge Brook trail Glacial erratics on Wedge Brook Trail Fungi adorns moss-covered log on Wedge Brook trail

Wedgebrook Trail Scenes

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