Owl's Head
Great Views - Great for Kids
August and November 2003 
Wendy arrives at Owls Head summit Route 73 Heads toward Lake Placid

Owls Head combines a half mile hike of moderate elevation gain, with very nice views almost all the way to the top. Just as Cascade is often the first high peak for many young hikers, Owls Head is often their introduction to hiking in the High Peaks. Wendy and I encountered families with young children and dogs, all along the trail, and on a beautiful, balmy, end-of-summer, day, kept stopping to strike up conversations with fellow hikers. We returned in November with our two month old grandson, Nathan, and Dan and Magda. Look for Owls Head Lane off Route 73, 3 miles north of Keene on the left, or 3 1/2 miles south of the Cascade trailhead on the right side of 73. 

Views from Owls Head On the Beaver Pond Trail  Alex
Dan, Nathan and Alex Alex's world

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Posing with the Invisible Wife Views from Owls Head 


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