Nye  Mountain and Street Mountain
Street: 4,166', 31st Highest Elevation in the Adirondacks; Nye: 3,895', 45th
Nippletop looking South towards Elk Lake
Autumn Colors at Heart Lake from Adirondack Loj Trailhead for Mount Jo and Old Nye Ski Trail.

Street Mountain has some views, and Nye Mountain has none, so unless you're aspiring to climb all 46 high peaks, or just itching for some outdoor exercise, leave these two alone, and enjoy the colors at Heart Lake in the Fall, or climb Mount Jo with the kids. Mount Jo has better views, anyway. Still determined? Okay, follow the Heart Lake trail from the west side of the Loj, around the north side of the lake, past the trail to Mount Jo, and bear right onto the Old Nye Ski Trail. The trail is easy enough, with gradual grades, and hardly any scrambling. You'll cross the picturesque boulder strewn Indian Pass Brook, and you'll pass some interesting moss-covered erratics, but, be warned, you'll be under canopy for almost the entire hike. In addition, there are no trail markers, aside from cairns at critical brook crossings and trail junctions, and there are no summit indicators, save for a single orange trail marker on the summit of Nye. From Otter Chalet or Deep Woods Cabin, follow Route 86 past Whiteface, turning left onto River Drive, where the West Branch of the Ausable heads off towards the Olympic Ski Jumps. Turn left onto Route 73 towards Keene, and look for an open field on your right, framed by the High Peaks and the road to Adirondack Loj. From the Loj, trails lead out to Algonquin,  Wright, Marcy, Haystack, and other High Peaks, as well as Nye and Street.

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Saddleback, Basin, Gothics, Armstrong & Wolfjaws from Colvin Looks like Goofy covered with moss

Views from Street Mountain, left, and a moss-covered log on the Nye trail.
Autumn leaves beautify a creekSummit of Street
Autumn colors decorate a creek, left, and more views from the summit of Street.

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