Mount Jo in Autumn
A Family Hike, and an Introduction to the Beauty of the High Peaks
Heart Lake with Wright Peak behind.
Autumn Colors at Heart Lake from summit of Mount Jo with Wright Peak and Algonquinin the distance.

Mount Jo has introduced many children to the challenges and rewards of hiking in the High Peaks. Just 700 feet in elevation above Heart Lake, and with a short 2.3 mile round-trip trail that begins just off the shore of Heart Lake behind Adirondack Loj, Mount Jo offers a short, fairly strenuous (for kids) trail straight up its southern shoulder, and a longer, more gradually elevating trail that curls around the western edge of Mount Jo, offering a rewarding loop for hikers who wish to try both trails. The climbing views are better on the short trail, but the views from the top are among the best, especially considering Mount Jo's diminutive size. From Otter Chalet or Deep Woods Cabin, follow Route 86 past Whiteface, turning left onto River Drive, where the West Branch of the Ausable heads off towards the Olympic Ski Jumps. Turn left onto Route 73 towards Keene, and look for an open field on your right, framed by the High Peaks and the road to Adirondack Loj. From the Loj, longer trails lead out to Algonquin,  Wright, Marcy, Haystack, and other High Peaks, as well as the short hike up Mount Jo.

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Toppled Tree roots exposed on Heart Lake shore Wallface & Indian Pass in distance from Jo.

Nature's plow, a toppled and up rooted tree by the shores of Heart Lake, amd Wallface and Indian Pass from Jo.
Long Trail wallWhales tail Mountain left behind Heart Lake
Long Trail view, left, and Whales Tail, nestled left behind Heart Lake in front of the High Peaks.

Mount Jo in Winter
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