4,960', 3rd Highest Elevation in the Adirondacks
June 1999

Marcy as seen from the top of Haystack, third in elevation behind Marcy and Algonquin.

Nearing the top of Haystack after hiking up the back way from Panther Gorge,
the steepest elevation gain for hikers in the Adirondacks.

Dan and I took the Mount Hoevenburg trail to Marcy from Adirondack Loj, descended down the trail over Marcy's southwest flank to Lake Tear in the Clouds (the source for the Hudson River). From there, we descended to Panther Gorge, and finally up and over Haystack's steep southern side. From there, we hiked out to the Garden in Keene Valley, by way of John's Brook Lodge, for a total of 23 miles. There are shorter ways to do Haystack, but even if brevity is your aim, and Haystack is your only destination, you're looking at a round trip of at least 15 miles, as Haystack, like Marcy, is deep in the High Peaks.

Haystack Summit
Where's my Geritol?!

You can hike to Haystack from Adirondack Loj. From Otter Chalet or Deep Woods Cabin, follow Route 86 past Whiteface, turning left onto River Drive, where the West Branch of the Ausable heads off towards the Olympic Ski Jumps. Turn left onto Route 73 towards Keene, and look for an open field on your right, framed by the High Peaks and the road to Adirondack Loj.



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