Gothics and Pyramid in the Adirondack High Peaks
Gothics: 4,736, 10th Highest Elevation in the Adirondacks

Dan, Magda, Steve & Derek on Gothics, 9/2/01

We took the West River Trail from the Ausable Club, to the Beaver Meadows Falls Trail up to Gothics, and returned via  Pyramid and the lake road from Lower Ausable Lake back to the Ausable Club, a distance of about 9.4 miles total. A beautiful day led to a Comedy of Errors, in which we dallied a tad, and the Lake Road finish became a forced march in an effort to get Derek to a wedding in Lake Placid,without so much as a break in a hot tub. In any case, the view from Gothics is beautiful all around, and well worth the hike. From Otter Chalet and Deep Woods Cabin, take Springfield Rd. south to Jay, 9N south into Keene, and 73 southeast through Keene Valley and St. Huberts. Hiker parking is off the second intersection marked "Ausable Club" as you're driving south on 73 towards the Northway. You have to walk about 1/2 mile from your car to the Lake Road sign-in point.

Rainbow Falls near Upper Ausable Lake.  Magda, Dan & Derek on trail from Gothics, Pyramid, Sawteeth & Colvin in Background.

Big Slide and, background, Whiteface from Gothics

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