Cooper Kiln Pond from Franklin Falls Road
July 6th, 2003

Green Frog
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Cooper Kiln Pond may be reached from trails off of Bonnieview Road in Wilmington, or from the road that connects the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway to Bloomingdale, not far west of the highway gatehouse. We took the latter first, and hiked the 2.7 miles in to Cooper Kiln Pond. This is a great trail for kids from about eight to fourteen. Gradual and light elevation gains and an easy to follow trail. Pick a sunny day, and try it.

Copper Kiln Pond Steve and Emily
  Copper Kiln Pond Copper Pond Copper Kiln Pond Lean-To Copper Kiln Pond Emily

Click Here for Photos of  Bonnieview Trail to Cooper Kiln Pond


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