Glorious Mount Colvin & Bleak Blake Peak
Colvin: 4,057', 39th Highest Elevation in the Adirondacks; Blake: 3,960', 43rd
Nippletop looking South towards Elk Lake
Lower Ausable Lake with Wolfjaws, Armstrong & Gothics to the left. Noonmark with Giant behind at right.

Some peaks you hike because the view is beautiful from the summit, or perhaps the hike itself is interesting or aesthetically pleasing. Other peaks you hike, because you're a complusive person who sets personal goals, such as becoming a 46er. Colvin fits the first category, while Blake falls with a thud into the latter. Taking the Lake Road trail to Colvin, or better still the Gill Brook Trail (to check out waterfalls and lovely clear pools) and which hooks up with the Elk Pass trail anyway, hike towards Elk Pass, looking on your right for the trail to Colvin and Blake. The trail up to Colvin is not particularly strenuous, while the descent to the col between Colvin and Blake is nearly as short and ornery as the ascent up Blake, after which you're rewarded with a stubby peak with trees blocking nearly all views. It then occurs to you that the only way back to your car is back down the unworthy Blake, and up the tougher side of Colvin. Anyway, there are some nice views of Colvin and the High Peaks to the west while you're hiking and descending Blake, and Colvin makes the whole effort worthwhile. From Otter Chalet and Deep Woods Cabin, take Springfield Rd. south to Jay, 9N south into Keene, and 73 southeast through Keene Valley and St. Huberts. Hiker parking is off the second intersection marked "Ausable Club" as you're driving south on 73 towards the Northway. You have to walk about 1/2 mile from your car to the Lake Road sign-in point.

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Saddleback, Basin, Gothics, Armstrong & Wolfjaws from Colvin Bob, Jamie and Joe

Basin, Saddleback, Gothics, Armstrong & Wolfjaws from Colvin, with Sawteeth in front. Hiking friends with High Peaks in back.
Looking west from shoulder of NoonmarkLooking west through flanks of Noonmark and Bear Den
Upper Ausable Lake from Colvin, left, and the Adirondack Mountain Reserve Gate at head Of Ausable Club Lake Road.

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