Ben Nevis
Scottish Highlands
May 2002

To get to Ben Nevis from Otter Chalet, make a left at the end of the driveway, drive to the airport in Montreal, and.... Oh,, it isn't in the Adirondacks, but the Scottish Highlands are a beautiful place to commune with Nature. I was in London on business in the Spring of '02, and ran into one of those three day "Bank Holiday" weekends. Having spent far too much time watching "Braveheart", and becoming captivated by the scenery and music, I hopped the train to Edinburgh, rented a car, and wandered through the highlands, scaring the devil out of several Scottish drivers. Kirk, the other gentleman in the photo above, was a 26 year old US Army Captain, awaiting discharge after a hazardous and depressing tour in Croatia, and taking some time to travel before returning stateside. I ran into Kirk at the start of the trail up Ben Nevis, we struck up a friendship, and hiked up together. The funny thing about the Highlands, though, is that I had done some reading about the mountains, and after learning that I lived within a few miles of several mountains larger than any mountain in Great Britain, I didn't even pack my hiking boots. However, once there, I was overcome with the mountains' beauty, and went shopping for...hiking boots!



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