Alex and Josh in the High Peaks
Alex and Josh on Mount JoAlex and Josh on Cascade Josh and Alex on NoonmarkJosh and Alex on Noonmark

On Top of Mount Jo & Cascade in 2000, on Noonmark in 2003, and en route to Colden in 2004
Mount Jo is not one of the High Peaks, but since it's only a couple of miles round trip, and features great views of Heart Lake and the High Peaks, Jo is a great beginner mountain for the kids. From Route 86, take Riverside Drive towards the Olympic Ski Jumps, turn left onto Route 73 (heading away from Lake Placid), and watch on your right, after a great open view of the High Peaks, for small street sign to "Adirondack Loj". Ask someone to direct you to the Mount Jo trailhead. If you're ready to try a high peak, keep going east on Route 73, and you'll soon see the trailhead for Cascade, perhaps the easiest of the High Peaks for the kids, owing to it's brief, though sometimes relatively steep, ascent. Owls Head, the easiest mountain trail for kids is just a little past the Cascade trail head.

Alex, Josh and Steve on Macomis in Underwood Alex and Josh on Macomis
On Macomis Mountain in Underwood
Alex, Jessica and Josh Jessica, Alex and Josh
Canoing on the West Branch of the Ausable River
sJosh and Alex near top of Cascade Josh and Alex at Aventure Land
Nearing top of Cascade, Having a blast at Adventure Land, just south of Lake George on the Northway

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