Tabletop Mountain and Indian Falls
4,427', 19th Highest Elevation in the Adirondacks
October 10, 2003

Colden & Algonquin  from Tabletop Trail
Colden, left, and Iroquois, Algonquin & Wright Peak on the right from Tabletop Trail.
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The season's first snowfall on the High Peaks melted, yielding muddy trails and rushing creeks.
  Not much to see on Tabletop Summit
  Tabletop Summit.

Tabletop Mountain does not offer much in the way of views from its summit, but it gives the hiker a great excuse to visit Indian Falls off the Von Hoevenberg Trail to Marcy. Adirondack Loj is the starting point for many enjoyable High Peaks Trails for old and young alike. From Otter Chalet or Deep Woods Cabin, follow Route 86 past Whiteface, turning left onto River Drive, where the West Branch of the Ausable heads off towards the Olympic Ski Jumps. Turn left onto Route 73 towards Keene, and look for an open field on your right, framed by the High Peaks and the road to Adirondack Loj. From the Loj, trails lead out to Algonquin,  Wright, Marcy, Haystack, and other High Peaks.



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