Mount Von Hoevenberg
Good Views, Easy Hike, Another Great Mountain for Kids
Wendy with Mount Jo in the background
Wendy with Mount Jo and High Peaks under clouds from Mount Von Hoevenberg.

Mount Von Hoevenberg is usually associated with the great cross country skiing trail of the same name, and a second cross country ski area, South Meadow. All of the above are in the vicinity of Adirondack Loj, which is why you see Mount Jo over Wendy's right shoulder. It's only 2.2 miles to the ridges of Von Hoevenberg from the Von Hoevenberg trailhead just 1/3 mile off South Meadow Road's junction with Adirondack Loj Road. The first half of the trail is level, leading the hiker through a conifer forest, and then beginning a relaxed upward grade through hardwoods and erratics, just past a swampy area where the industriousness of beavers is evident. Not only are the views worthwhile, but you can continue your hike over the north flank of Von Hoevenberg down to the Olympic bobsled and luge area, turning the hike into about a 7 mile loop, by returning to South Meadow road via the South Meadow trail. From Otter Chalet or Deep Woods Cabin, follow Route 86 past Whiteface, turning left onto River Drive, where the West Branch of the Ausable heads off towards the Olympic Ski Jumps. Turn left onto Route 73 towards Keene, and look for an open field on your right, framed by the High Peaks and the road to Adirondack Loj. Make the left off Adirondack Loj Road onto South Meadow Road.

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South Meadow from Von Hoevenberg Beaver's Work

South Meadow and Phelps Mountain, left, Beaver's work at right.
Red EftMount Jo, Nye and Street
Red Eft, left, Mount Jo and High Peaks from ridge on Von Hoevenberg.

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